Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is this the abyss???

First of all , Pro Show entry is yet to come.. The best rock show ever in Manipal , right after 2 brilliant MUN trips.

Day after is my 3rd sess.6th sem. have studied 8 pages in the last 36 hours , had it been a normal atmosphere, i would have completed most of my portion.

But now i have fallen , i m tired.. plain tired.. mentally , physically , emotionally....exhausted.
I m losing my frnds , maybe temporarily .. but i am , we are bored of each other...there are nights , often nwadays , where Ojas 2 balcony becomes the place to secretly cry , think , stress my brain even further..Never thot i wud do such cheesy stuff.
In that quest for becoming a thinker , a wiseass guy , an intellectual , somebdy who could speak on any topic I want , .... i lost my way..I lost the ability to appreciate niceness..All i could see was presentation/skill/brains.

When people come up and say i really appreciate u dude.. i forgot the line - i really love u dude , .. it grew rare , never noticed it.
Me best frnd , grew 'attached ' to other people whom i know will disconnect sooner or later...and well..a story is about to end with her as well , be mad at me , but i have to let go nw .
i have fought for everything in my life..nothing was served to me on platter , not a single thing , but nw i m tired...
i have lost the ability to fight , to make way for myself.. to work , all i nw desire is family , some close friends and I want to see a genuine smile on my face again...i want to see myself as 16 again.

I felt bad when people told me that i cant love , nw i so wish that was true.Coz it hurts ... so much.

Listen mad at me or whatsover , u didnt accept/reject me..u kept me not in the grey area ..but threw me into the abyss...Now.Great u were , good u will be..but we did exactly what we didnt set out to do- Mess it up...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A tale of 2 MUNs

ya , Long time since i posted something .. and well , its been a rather amazing sem , activities wise atleast.. and well , somethings hmm ... are in the pipeline. :)

So a Tale of 2 MUNs , sandwiched between first sessionals.
first one - BITS Goa , that place which made me lose my cent percent record in MUNs , kinda expected after my sissy partial chairperson resigned in a movement spearheaded by me , later the mantle was taken by the Russian and American delegates- Respect to Rajan and Gufran,
Of course , its not everyday when u c UK going against USA :P and having incorrect docs , false proof and yet managing to win it .. Nevermind all that , atleast the PRC and Russian Fed dels remain legendary in the campus.
One thing always amazes me , the amount i learn from a MUN. Unparalleled . Every single time i sit on the exec board or as a del of a country, immense knowledge , tact , skill is gained ...U neednt be extraordinaire brilliant,plain common sense , a keen sense of observation , decent knowledge , and to strike EXACTLY when the iron is hot ...
U do that much that the prize is yours.. maybe got struck a bit too hard.
Tellin PRC to apologise to Her Majesty's Great Britain and Northern Ireland when i was presenting facts is not a great way to gain my accolades as a chairperson , and hence I wil make u cry dear Chaiperson , weep , weep blood and i wont give a bloody damn.
great peopple on the trip though , some great females , 25 for a pint of tuborg on the beach and PT playin on the PA , surely this is the promised land.
but no , shitty accommodation, bad council halls and the worst exec board ruined it. Come to manipal boys ,our organizers wil show u the way its done.So del of PRC gets a Special Mention Prize ..

RIIMUN 2010.
Rotary Indian International MUN 2010. got selected as Co-Director WTO thru a selection procedure .. WTO , is something that i always wanted to see , the RIIMUN promised to be huge , although Symbi dominated outright becoz of the venue being Pune and symbi being a power house at MUN and PDs .9 councils and about 250 odd dels.accommodation was fantastic , 3 star hotel at subsidized rates , fud was avail at decent prices , a mun party.. and OMG was hotness prevailed among the female delegates.
a smal contigent of 4 - me rajan rakshit and ankit .. but then gufran and sahil joined us in the fun ... a very good exc board to work with ( not as good as the Manipal MUN , obviously :P) .. a brilliant director to work with in Avinash , gave me full authority to run the council , accepeted my ideas , and well it was mutual.. briliant lad ..
2nd day of council saw some of the best debate , suggestion wise, that i have seen... every single speaker had a good suggestion to put in the draft reso , only where they lacked was to implement it as group.But then , Rakshit n I wil rem the council hall for the awesomely gorgeous girls in our council.. :D lead to Ankit and especially Rajan flocking to the WTO from the SCPC every now and then .
It was a trip worth it , our attendances in college took the toll but then , something has to make way ultimately... :)
Personally i felt the Sec Gen should have been a bit more firmer , cant blame him as i opened up my MUN account seeing Prateek as the Sec Gen.., also the Press Core was reduced to a bunch of Jokers , that part , sorry , not appreciated..
On the whole , out of 3 trips , this was the best one..
and oh , got to eat in McD's after so long!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little PR accidents are important

Who says it takes a plan to make /catch a friend.Made 4 brilliant by pure accident.In chronological order-

1.Sadi- Rank 1758 , ya , i choose ECE . Rank 1759 , Shiv Ram Krishna Pande , well ECE seems a catchy enuf name , Ok meet too ECE and we go on to become the best of friends.. now i come to know there are dating coulpes who envy our friendship!

2.Mihir- Soham introduced me to Mihir on the first day of hostel . Shiv- Oh Mihir , thats a easy name to rem ... we go onto work on all projects together apart from the usual dinners !and visiting each other rooms once in every .wt..10 mins or so :)

3.Dhir - I later came to know his parents had named him Gaurav.Text Book section water filter area it was , where dhir was seemingly studyin , 45 mins later i knew this boy could be a damn nice person to work and share a beer or a laff with ,Right i was . Cheers mate.

4.Prateek-Pre MUN debate , a weird sunday morning , hardly nebdy turns for it , but i knw this was my chance to get a headstart for Manipal MUN 2009 as a del. although i didnt win it , i and prateek go onto become damn nice buddies , winning the VIT MUN , vice chairin the Manipal MUN. Did i say i woke up early on that sunday morning hoping to be a del at Manipal MUN????????? :D

Monday, January 18, 2010

Date and Happenings

Remember the next 24 hours , could be quite important . Something that could change my college life completely.
Remember Shiv , remember.
18th Jan 2010 , 21:54

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Some quotes you get to hear in the campus...

3 years , unlimited masti , moments of sheer genius , unimaginable stupidity , smiles , heartbreaks ,sleepless nights and even sat eves where i dozed off at 10 pm .
Seeing it all , Doing it all .

All this generates some rather interesting quotes from your friends.Here goes the best 3 that i can remember as of now.

3.IEEE guy interviewing a pretty first year on marketing of the club- So , how do you plan to sell youself ??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.Shiv addressing the HRC just after 3 days of council - So delegates , did you enjoy your chairpersons!!!????(Rahul looks on in disbelief)

But this one , beats all , coming from Sadi.

Sadi to Shiv describing her experience in a ladies badminton tournament-

You should have seen her calf muscles Shiv , She was sooo smoking hot .( I could see sadi close to salivation)
Shiv to Sadi - Yeah! i finally have a friend who swings both ways!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Life: Mr.Pande? Shiv: Ya? Life: So u dont want any more adventures between the end sems? Shiv: WHY WOULD I? Life: OK , There you go , Life screws you

I had a very clear aim , pass these bloody end sems with the least of extra curricular work(which i thot were my main distraction)
Normally i tend a nice routine during exams , needless to say , thats why i dont score much :D.8 hours of sleep,a bit of sitcom watching and everything.
So first , end sems dont get off to a gud start , but recovery happens. then health swings.then end sems become better.Now 4 down , 2 to go.Slowly the happy phase is about to come.coz well AOOPS is there after a 2 day break, so must be good eh?

Now my dear Life comes into focus.

So when the dearest friend of yours comes to tell you , that she is heart broken (or something like that) , with her (pseudo)BF - who BTW is one of the biggest nutcases around- News like this tends to shock the bloody living daylight out of u.

See, there is a pattern , at the first attempt , the worst of guys get the best of girls.Now that coudnt happen to this frnd of mine ! could it! It DID.and nobdy apart from me knew it.
It pains , its a searing pain when u see ur frnd cryin over a jerk .. u dont know what to say ..curse the guy or appreciate the lady...and well seeing tears are just not pretty..that too when the lady is resting on our little doubt clearing session in the lib became a consoling session on the lib stairs.
My world , i havent been that hurt in a long long time.. that too when the guy is tryin to hurt the lady by not accepting her call of parting ways. So now do u corner and hit the guy , or do u respect ur frnds call?.

i discovered later , you should respect her call and give her time. I didnt.
Being the normal analyst that i tend to be , I put some blame on her , and curse her (pseudo) BF. NOT pretty Shiv , not pretty.

But then , there is a certain level of confidence and trust u expect from your frnd. telling me about all this so secretively when everything has gone spiralling out of your hands is quite agitating.

Yet , i held onto my calm(dont know how.)


But as a dear frnd , but someone confides in you, u have to step up.
And in the coming days , my health degrades, further and further.Emotional trauma doesnt go well with my body.
somehow i sit down to study , and give a great exam.

Now , walking back along with her after the exams , the topic is raised again(to the least of my pleasure)and then i call the guy an 'emotional psychophat!' , Well , i hold onto my words(just ill timed as i later clarified)
and then i hear out of her mouth ,"He is a nice guy, dont comment on people u dont know , U r a a bloody rude person". DONE. THATS IT. You make a wretched call in your life ,cry all over me , then i get this .
Sorry lady , as much i like u , Incompetent Fucks and wretched calls arent accepted.

You are indeed a special frnd to me , and i try my level best to repay ur trust in me...yes agreed , i hurried up your relapsing behaviour , should have respected ur situation a bit more. But me dear , i came to know one thing. U DONT KNOW ME A BIT.NOT A BIT.

I thought you would see the real me, apart from the fake image i keep in college to ward off flies , but u didnt and that day , u put a nail in the coffin.I am indeed a tad dissapointed.

Acceptance isnt a Yes or a No , its a grey area.Theres where you have put me in .

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A interesting one...Rather amazingly complex to decipher

5th sem , Its been quite a sem for me , and although still a month is left for the closure of the sem , but I would not want any more 'interesting ' experiences this sem , the quota seems pretty much complete.

The rising social issue i had melted away , but it had its minor repercussions every now and then.

Winning the VIT MUN was the highlight of the sem , alongwith being elected as Vice Chair of the HRC at the Manipal MUN , about 40 days in this sem my life was only circling around MUNs , and that was a massive experience , theres not one college competition which can rival it , be it with regard to the amount of work one has to do , the degree of professionalism , the exposure that one obtains or the sheer intensity of competition , 3 fucking days!!! Kills u , but yet manages to leave a smile on your face.

TMR- Brilliant , nothing short of sheer brilliance , although i didn't work as hard as i had thought , workload goes down and performance just increases manifold when u have a great team or should i say a great set of individuals working on it.
Lakhs of Rupees pouring in by the end of the sem , Shirt deal , Logistics deal , Press deal , Media deals , Cash deals, Registration deals . You name it , We got it done...

Internship- Got selected at Reliance InfoCom within 2 days of sending my CV , again sheer brilliance ,unfortunately that means i cant attend Porcupine Tree at Mood Indigo , as much i hate seeing PT at IIT- B and not MIT , Manipal , u cant take the fact those nerdy bastards are indeed more passionate about their work than 99.99% percent of MITians .

Academics- the less said , the better , 3rd sessionals is getting me out of big trouble and now all i can do is work my ass off and leave the rest to god and my dear oh dear nastingly suicidal department ...

In General- There are times when u feel let down , broken apart .. but when u have a rather great set of friends in different places in different capacities , when u have a fight and next day u receive a even more closer friend than last time , it leaves a eerie smile that doesn't go away for quite some time...
Also, Work attracts jealously , and then you actually discover who is your buddy and who is not , leading to change in set of friends , not the core ones , their importance becomes even more critical, but the others....and that transition was quite smooth this time...And hence I like this sem.